John Berman: Is it even news when the President lies?

CNN’s John Berman debunks several claims President Donald Trump made during a press appearance in the United Kingdom, highlighting the importance of the President lying on the world stage. #CNN #News


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  1. It would be huge news if CNN ever actually told the truth.
    Take all the points you said about Trump and turn it on yourself and your words would be far more true.
    A news source that lies so consistently destroys it's own integrity and credibility.
    And no one with a working brain takes anything CNN says seriously.

  2. CNN News = Baseless opinionated & conspiratorial junk reporting. All because the POTUS won the 2016 election instead of Hillary Clinton! Do the American people a favor… Stop harassing President Trump! Only makes you look foolish, bitter with resentment! Pathetic.

  3. The Dirtycraps are at it again! CNN News hasn't learned anything. This is why nobody watches & distrust the fake media. They never gives this president any credit when it comes to Trump's positive policies that's working for the American people. Don't nobody got no time for the bitter fake news! Can't wait for those that tried to set up Trump get their subpoenas and find them all guilty — go straight to prison! For real!!

  4. CHAOS their lethal weapon… Putin, Trump, their Culls are AMERICANS ENEMIES! Using Anger, Hatred, TOXIC DIVISION, they're ATTACKING America and the WORLD. *Stop them! ~ PROTEST~ Peacefully. .. But PROTEST!..

  5. The president doesn't lie!
    Fake News Media does!

    We trust the our POTUS!

    Demonstration are financed by George Soros and the Demoncrats!

    We all lie every now and then. But the Main Stream Fake News Media lies the most! Like this idiot!

  6. The bar is set so low when he does the bare minimum without LYING going off script or making a fool out of himself embarrassing America that's regarded as brilliant that's a major accomplishment his racist ass base excuses it and cries fake news when it's called out

  7. More fake news from fake CNN…I find this amazing and total hypocrisy of YouTube but I’m just curious why hasn’t YouTube banned MSNBC, CNN, and all the late-night talk shows for a continuous 2 1/2 years of hate speech against our President. Not only was it hate speech and slanderous it was totally faults and made up. That to me should get all of those shut down and taken off of YouTube. You talk about hypocrisy, there it is right in your face.

  8. Idiot everything coming from Con News Network it's just lies and bullshit. My evidence is your ratings they are literally in the toilet, just worthless a shit news outlet.

  9. Certainly NOT news when CNN lies. Remember this "there is no one crossing the border"…Jim Acosta, CNN…THE fake news channel……One cannot believe anything….and I mean anything on CNN. They create news, and only report on what they like….


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