Everything Wrong With Apple's Dongles | Untangled

Apple has removed the headphone jack from the iPhone and their MacBook laptops are USB-C only. You can’t even plug your iPhone into your MacBook without an adapter. Apple makes over 20 different types of dongles. You need an adapter or a dongle to connect to things like HDMI, ethernet, or wired headphones. Apple getting rid of the headphone jack and other ports has caused a lot of fragmentation. 

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Everything Wrong With Apple’s Dongles | Untangled


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  1. It's so hypocritical that the people in advertisements of Apple devices are all quick and seamless in doing tasks on those devices and have a seamless wireless and fast internet connect everywhere and can access all of their data over the 'cloud'. Online storage is less productive. Local storage is the fastest. Easiest to manage and take care of. Their cloud even only offers 5 GB of space unlike Samsung or Google who offer 15 or Microsoft which offers exclusive offers for devices for example with mine mine I got 105 GB free Onedrive storage.

  2. Bluetooth headphone tech still is not mature enough for this change. AirPods don’t fit my ears and I still haven’t found another pair of wireless buds that don’t have AV latency with YouTube.

  3. I personally prefer wireless headphones for the practicality. But I like the thought of if I forget to charge my Bluetooth headphones I can always use an aux cable to connect them to my phone

  4. This company removed a perfectly useful feature to make you pay for what came with it for years. Either buy their expensive ear buds or buy a dongle that you will lose and repurchase. That's their business model now. And more and more they give less and demand more. Not making better products that you will want. Nope. Charge the loyal (and brainless) more to make up for those who don't want to deal with it.

  5. Apple: Removes headphone jacks for less cost when making iPhones and makes dongles.
    Apple: S T O N K S
    Samsung: Adds price worthy features (Note 9 – $999 has stylus, headphone jack, 4000mAh battery, Super AMOLED display and usb type-c) and reasonably prices products.
    Samsung: M E G A S T O N K S

  6. Apple employee #1: we should add new stuff to new iphones
    boss: youre fired
    Apple employee #2: lets just remove things people still use and lets make the phone cost 1000€

    boss: thats a fantastic idea youre promoted


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