Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Find Out She Was in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jon Favreau had to convince the Oscar-winner she was in the movie on the debut episode of ‘The Chef Show’ on Netflix.

Exclusives from #ETonline :


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  1. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that just because they are in MCU, doesn’t mean they are diehard MCU or Marvel fans, like most of the cast of Ragnorak didn’t even know the name of Thor’s Hammer

  2. she's dumber than a box of hammers……..

    That or it's simply a paycheck and she can't be bothered to remember anything about these "comic book" movies.

  3. Everyone keeps saying they told all the actors it was a wedding, but I’ve only heard Holland confirm it. I assumed it was special for him due to his spilling of secrets history….?

  4. This is what happens when certain actors can’t keep their mouth shut and give out spoilers during interviews.

    Marvel got this woman doing scenes and she doesn’t even know which movie they’re for 🤣

  5. OK listen you sorry bunch of millennial’s who don’t understand that actors are humans too, PEOPLE FORGET THINGS!!! I hate Gwyneth Paltrow just as much as the next guy, but come on people!

  6. I get that Marvel keeps their projects secret, but also, a lot of experience actors have been in so many movies, they just lose track or lose interests of them all.
    Stars don’t usually “fanboy” over their own projects, and even forget famous lines that they’re known for,

    like “I said that line? From what movie? Oh yeah, I was in that movie… I completely forgot.”


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